Experience Conscious Working

Cultivate wellbeing while getting things done!

At Bloom, in the heart of Lisbon

a new community workspace is now open to develop yourself as you develop your project

A joyful working environment, conscious practices, wellbeing activities, supportive community, vegan food and more – we hold space for you to nurture your body, mind and soul.

Don’t you want to invest in yourself as you invest in your work? By joining our conscious workspace for Bloomers, you invest in yourself, in your wellbeing, in your self-growth, in achieving a healthy work-life balance and in nourishing a positive, uplifting and empowering relationship to work, yourself and others. Plus, you also invest in the expansion of a conscious community that will support and guide you through your journey to cultivate wellbeing and get shit done.

Ready to bloom at work?

We’re inviting you to

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Bloomers are the Beings who come together to support each other in manifesting their full potential. We are amazing and we don’t have be alone in our challenges, inner or outer. At Bloom you will find a sacred space for you to shine, be yourself, feel empowered and grow — together.

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Cultivate your well-being

Here, you will have at your fingertips conscious workshops, events and practices that will bring you back home to yourself, cultivating a sense of deep listening and respect for you and your inner work-flow. Our working environment cultivates authenticity, trust & inspiration.

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Get things done!

At Bloom you will dive into an environment where developing yourself and your project or business are equally important and go hand in hand. You will access an unique combination of resources – alternative workspace, supportive and inspiring beings, skillsharing, healthy food and conscious practices – enabling you to focus on what really matters, to be your own state of flow, and to get your things done in an energizing and self-empowering way.

What we stand for

Our collective dream:

A world celebrating oneness while honouring uniqueness

We are on a mission to bring together a community of Bloomers in Lisbon who are co-creating an ecosystem for consciousness to expand and be integrated in the way we live and work.

Origin of Bloom

Bloom Started with a phone call.

For years we had been talking about this place we would open one day, outside of Lisbon, closer to nature, where we would build some kind of community to inspire and be inspired by others to develop ourselves while enjoying the freedom to be fully self expressed and authentic.

Our hearts were craving for it and yet we charged our future selves with the task of making it happen because our present selves were busy with other very consuming projects.

However, this vision that was already living within us opened up a crazy journey of self-healing, self-growth, self-development and profound heart expansion like we had never known before. And that we could share the path together was the beginning of a sisterhood that we will always be grateful to each other for.

The most amazing thing was that as we expanded ourselves, so did we also expand our circles and connections and our inner transformations were immediately reflected by the shift in the amazing Beings who came into our lives. There was a clear calling to keep going forward on this path and one day– in a moment of inspiration– Alice’s phone rang and Ana’s voice radiated with excitement, “We’re not waiting anymore!! Let’s do this!“.

And so began the birthing of Bloom. We wanted a place to feel at home, at ease– the way that we feel when we go on retreats– except we didn’t want to have to spend so much time and money on having to travel far and to deal with the hangover of “returning back to reality”.

The journey begins

We believe that we can have the same peace, healing, support and celebration as we do when we’re on retreat AND that we can have it in a way that is integrated and harmonized in our modern lives. And guess what, we are far from alone in this.

As soon as we began voicing this desire, we discovered that many others in our tribe had also been calling for such a space, in the center of Lisbon, to gather and share the feeling of a real community.

We wanted a place where we could bring our hearts and build our conscious dreams and projects with other like-minded souls. We can bring the same spirit and the same heart and put it into our work, our connections, our bodies, our communities… and we can all enjoy a better way of experiencing our lives because of this.

Bloom is a living breathing entity and it is the dream and wish of a collective. It is as ours as it is yours. It is born from the yearning for meaning, for connection, for acceptance as well as fulfillment across the spectrum of our lives– professional, personal, spiritual. We are all amazing Beings and Bloom is our way to honour our humanity and our authenticity. This is what we are here for and you are invited to come and bloom with us.


The Bloom Temple

Bright and intimate workspace with balconies for sunbathing. Kitchen where you can order vegan food on a daily basis. Rooms for massages and conscious practices.

Entrance hall
Lounge Area
practice room

Love is in the air

The vibration and love in this place are amazing. Everything else, and there’s an abundance of it, is just a bonus.


I wasn’t really planning on working anywhere else than from home until I found this place. It’s hard not to feel a sense of comfort and ease as soon as you enter and meet the people behind it. I wish I’d known about it sooner and feel a sense of wonder when I think of what it’s becoming.


Warm loving energy, delicious looking plant based food. Highly recommend having a variety of workshops or sessions in this center as you will go out feeling brand new without a doubt!



We’re right next to El Corte Ingês, close to Marquês Pombal, and easily accessible by a number of public transports.

Come meet us!

Ready to see what might be your new home?

If you wanna join us on our upcoming open day just follow the link below and fill out the form.

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